The Speed Twins

The Speed Twins is a new play about lost love and and last chances by Maureen Chadwick. First produced at Riverside Studios in September 2013 and directed by Simon Evans.

Three old women meet as strangers in a spectral version of the Gateways, the lesbian nightclub featured in the film The Killing of Sister George: Queenie is in complete denial of her sexuality, Ollie thinks she’s died and gone to Dyke Heaven, and Shirley looks as if she hasn’t aged a day since she lost the love of her life back in 1962.

As the drink flows, uncomfortable truths are revealed as Queenie struggles to justify her life’s choices. Torn between temptation and fear, will she go to her grave with her conventional moral certainties intact? Or will she have the courage to re-write history and finally be true to her heart?

The Speed Twins unleashes an explosive and darkly comic conflict of desires and challenges us all to ask fundamental questions about identity.


“The dialogue is exemplary, sparkling with wit as Chadwick demonstrates her mastery of camp. But the real strength of the piece is its humanity. It will, I think, prove to be Maureen Chadwick’s masterpiece. ”
Beige Magazine, Alex Hopkins

“Killingly funny – I haven’t laughed this much in the theatre for ages. This wonderfully humane show boasts one of the sharpest scripts and you will be challenged to find better performances than Polly Hemingway’s and Amanda Boxer’s on any stage in London: they are breathtakingly good. Entertainment Focus -” ★★★★★
 Entertainment Focus

“It’s a glorious metaphysical romp that had us transfixed from start to finish. Clever, capricious, and consistently funny, we can’t recommend it enough. ” ★★★★★
Gay Times

“Maureen Chadwick’s splendid play …funny, moving, and beautifully performed, is directed with great style by Simon Evans.”