Glass Roots

GLASS ROOTS by Alexander Matthews

What do you do when you’ re being bullied and you’ re physically helpless to prevent it?

 Sanjit and Thila, operators of an Indian restaurant in London, are confronted and terrorised by racially provoked bullying.

 Although scarred, the couple emerge triumphant from their ordeal.

Glass Roots is a challenging and thought-provoking new play by Alexander Matthews.

Tristan Bates Theatre 28 February to 24 March 2018.

“Last night I saw a simply wonderful show, GLASS ROOTS, [an] extraordinary powerful play by Alexander Matthews. Glittering performances all round, in particular two youths of danger & gorgeousness, Mitchell Fisher & Sam Rix. If you can, grab the last two performances… any casting agent who misses them will kill themselves in future years. Anyone who values theatre should be there.”
– Miriam Margolyes

“Glass Roots… really excellent. I was on a high wire all the time waiting for the punch up… great play.”
Bruce Kent

“‘Terrific.’ … ‘Thoroughly enjoyed it, most entertaining.’ … ‘Wonderful.’ … ‘I was exhilarated and terrified.’ … ‘The dialogue was excellent.’ … ‘High standard.’ … ‘The conflict was so real it was frightening.”